Your Love is Relentless

Where are the people that accused me?
The ones who beat me down and bruised me
They hide just out of sight
Can’t face me in the light
They’ll return but I’ll be stronger
– “Unbreakable” by Fireflight

We all face hardships. It’s inevitable. Hardships are what shape us as people, and they transform how we react towards the people around us. Early in elementary school, we were or should have been taught to treat others the way we want to be treated. But what if one person decides to treat someone else like trash? It begins a chain of emotional (if not physical) abuse.

A lot of people don’t realize they are victims of emotional abuse. Sometimes they might not even realize they are being hurt little by little. They end up only able to see the darkness of the world but not realize that the darkness has settled inside them. There is only one who can send away that darkness. And it’s not a person.

Backstory time! In mid February, NYU held Clubfest, an every semester event where clubs display and try to recruit new members. As a grad student I didn’t want to be involved in clubs, but I went anyway to join a gaming club to meet some fellow gamers. After finding one and signing up, on my way out the door I passed by a few boys who shouted something along the lines of “Come check us out!” I always feel bad about saying no to kind strangers, so I took a moment to chat with them. It wasn’t until they handed me a recruiting card that I realized they were a Christian fellowship.

I wasn’t brand new to Christianity. My childhood best friend was Christian, and a friend invited me to her church in June 2013. I had attended that church sporadically for more than a year, but I had trouble understanding the Chinese-speaking pastor and his translator, and I never got to found my place with God.

At NYU’s Christian fellowship, I was invited to group meetings and studies by people who are really good at convincing others to attend. I met amazing people and learned from them what it means to be a Christian and love as a community, in order to share God’s relentless love for us with people who need it most. One of my friends even got me to go to church again, and at this different church I finally found my place with God.

Some people have wondered, how did Liv turn religious just like this? I believe that question is invalid, because being religious is not a label. Just because I’ve accepted God and am filled with the Holy Spirit, it doesn’t change anything about me. I’m still the same girl who likes video games and cares about improving the environment. Now I just am more assured with God’s love about who I am. I am forgiven from sin and transformed. The ones who accused me, beat me down, or bruised me in the past don’t matter anymore. God sent himself in the form of Jesus to show us how to rid the world of darkness, but first and foremost he rids the darkness from within us. When you are lifted and set free, you will be able to to play your role in bringing peace to this world.

I’m not saying searching for God is for everybody, but some people may be unaware that God is the one they need. They are lost and hurt and can’t understand why. If you are feeling this way, it won’t hurt to talk to a Christian friend for some reassurance and guidance. I’m sure we all have them because you’d be surprised to find out who is Christian. It’s not my job to convert anybody, but it is my job to show people that they are loved if they give love a chance.

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4 Comments to "Your Love is Relentless"

Kristine wrote on 31st May 2015 at 7:33 PM

Beautiful post, Liv! I don’t know what happened to me and my loss of faith. I used to believe and then somewhere down the road I just stopped having faith.

I have great respect for those that believe and truly follow whatever they believe. My grandfather was a great example of a good Christian and although we shared differences in our thoughts and faith, we both respected each other and even learned from each other.

<3 Thank you for this inspiring post, Liv.


Sue wrote on 2nd June 2015 at 1:21 AM

Beautiful Liv! It’s wonderful to see you sharing your story and God’s love here. Look forward to reading more.


Michelle wrote on 3rd June 2015 at 5:38 PM

Understandable. My thing is I found no peace with God, only contradictions and full of things I didn’t really agree with. I found the strength within myself to fight the darkness, no other person was in charge of myself, other than me. That was the basis of my therapy and I understood it as that. I was emotionally abused growing up from my mother and dad, and other people in my life and it really impacted me negativity and hurt to see the good in me.

It took me a long time though, I have yet to work on my sexual abuse, but the emotional abuse is slowly withering away from me. I am in control of me and whatever words people use can’t hurt me anymore. It’s hard to learn that, but if you find strength and light in God, go for it. Not everyone will, but some people can and will. I just couldn’t. I tried and tried, but so much bugged me.


Jenny wrote on 12th July 2015 at 2:23 PM

What a wonderful and inspiring post! Thank you for sharing this, and I look forward to reading more on your journey of faith! 🙂


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