What Would Have Been the Grams

Instagram recently updated their app icon and interface. While I am very active for the trend of moving from skeuomorphism to flat design, I think Instagram could have at least tried to maintain its brand during this transformation rather than becoming a Photoshop gradient. 🙁

As of right now, I don’t have Instagram. I always liked the app, even back in 2012 when it wasn’t even available for the Android phone I had then. My designer classmates hated it for “encouraging mediocre photography” but I love the idea of photoblogging and Instagram made it that much easier. However I always found myself having trouble with updating regularly for my followers, most of whom were of my online community rather than offline friends, and updating was the only way I could stay in touch with them.

I haven’t used Instagram since last summer because capturing photos and prepping them regularly became too much trouble as my schedule became crazy in grad school. It was too hard to capture moments all the time while also trying to plan out enough time to actually live my life. I also noticed I was in an addiction to counting the number of likes as a method to seek approval for my photography. Though I do believe the power of social media is very important, maintaining my Instagram became more of a chore than anything.

Today I went through the photos on my phone taken since my last Instagram post. These are actually all the gram-mable ones I found, as I seemed to have taken hundreds of photos of my friends and I instead.

My first time eating at The Meatball Shop. They make really good sliders and mashed potatoes! Aug 2015.

My friends got me this figurine for my birthday. August 2015.

Washington Square Arch, not Paris haha. September 2015.

A puppy lying down inside Duane Reade. October 2015.

Washington Square Arch lit up for Paris and reflected into the fountain. November 2015.

My friend’s kitty wanting me to draw him like a French girl. December 2015.

NYU Brooklyn campus ready for the holidays. December 2015.

The food at company’s Christmas party in Fraunces Tavern. Really small and expensive and fancy dishes there, but it’s a great vintage restaurant. December 2015.

View from my friend’s room in one of NYU’s dorms overlooking 3rd Ave! January 2016.

The Matcha Jasmine Latte from NYC’s famous Bibble and Sip. March 2016.

Newly bloomed flowers outside my apartment. March 2016.

Pretty flowers outside my workplace. March 2016.

A cute bumblebee decor my mom placed on the steps to our house. April 2016.

Beautiful tulips outside NYU. April 2016.

A very clean and expensive looking apartment building in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood. May 2016.

I guess the question now is, shall I return to Instagram this summer since my schedule has calmed? 😛

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Georgie wrote on 13th May 2016 at 3:32 AM

I don’t see Instagram as much of a chore or anything. I think that keeping up with feeds can be a chore, as I follow 400 people and some of them post several times a day. I don’t have a problem with the redesign, it’s… it’s OK. Not amazing. I like the new colour of the hearts and the fact that the notification bubble is the same colour.

I first joined Instagram in 2010 when I had an iPhone, which I later lost. I still liked the app when I used an Android phone for a while. I have indeed noticed the ‘bad photography’ it encourages, but I am not sure why this is the case. I think it is just easy for people who aren’t really designers/photographers to just share pictures with simple captions. Other people like yourself and myself like to put more effort into it.

I don’t do much in the way of posting, but sometimes I realise I haven’t posted a photo from a trip, or an outfit… and I just post that whenever I feel ready. I have used it as a way of showing the best photos I have, whether they are photos I took, or photos of me, or selfies with friends. Everyone uses it in different ways and it’s totally up to you. I also wouldn’t get overwhelmed with the content and keeping up to date with it. I treat it like Twitter, it’s like a conversation in photos. And sometimes you don’t have time to look at everything. Some days you might look at certain people’s profiles and catch up, and you’re done. Haha.


Cat wrote on 13th May 2016 at 4:23 PM

I’m kind of weirded out by Instagram’s changes too. Its icon is so colorful, yet its UI is not. But oh well, I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

As someone who takes photography seriously… I actually like Instagram a lot and mine has some pretty bad photos, haha. If I want to upload serious photos, I’ll go with Flickr, 500px, or Deviantart, but Instagram to me is just for fun. It’s like another Twitter or Facebook but more focused on visuals.

The first photo looks so tasty! I also love the lights around NYU and all the flowers. I think you should come back to Instagram! 😀


Tara wrote on 14th May 2016 at 9:04 AM

I haven’t updated my app yet, so I’ve no idea what the new one looks like. Knowing me, I’ll update like 3 months later . . .

I wished Instagram would allow you to upload photos on the browser. I actually hate using it on my phone because I hate typing on the thing, so it’d make things so much easier for me if I could just upload photos on my desktop or Chromebook X_X;

I like what you shared here 🙂 My favourites are the Washington Square Arch (and yes, I thought it was the one in Paris, too LOL) and the cherry blossom photos! Pretty shots! 😀


Liz wrote on 15th May 2016 at 1:03 AM

I like Instagram, but I don’t use it as much as I probably could. :p

My version of Android has limited space, so I’m unable to update Instagram without having to remove several apps, or at least resetting my AIM app and logging back in after—which I can’t be bothered to do—and also resetting Instagram as well. I’ve seen the desktop version, though, and…eh, I’m not sure what is up with this rainbow-y color stuff? It feels weird and totally random.

You take nice photos, though! 🙂


Michelle wrote on 29th May 2016 at 3:17 AM

I love Instagram and currently have accounts for my dog, and some stuffed plushies (I’m weird…XD) <3 Though you are right, I kind of do miss the old branding and icon, still, I enjoy Insta for what it is: fun and less serious for others that like photography but don't have the money or patience with it.

Nice photos!


Alice B wrote on 9th June 2016 at 10:25 PM

sigh, instagram. I love the all-white interface; it does look minimalist and it’s a lot cleaner than before, not that I have anything against the previous color. but the icon! oh man, I can’t stand it. I’m not sure why they picked those colors for gradient. I’m not saying gradient won’t work because look at the iOS 9 logo – it has multiple colors as gradients and it works! but yea, some people said the new instagram icon’s color looks like those ugly powerpoint templates with ridiculous gradients and I sorta kinda agree :))

Instagram has now become a place where people sell stuff online too. If you live in Indonesia, you’ll see A LOT (and i mean A LOT) of people use instagram to sell things. well, i don’t mind. your instagram is your own feed, you rule and you’re the one who set it – want to turn your account into a photoblog? cool. mediocre photography? hm, suit yourself. but personally for me, I’d hate seeing my feed filled with mediocre photos topped with basic filters. I just take photography seriously, doesn’t mean other people has to though. In turn, I only follow super close friends (who, despite their uh, mediocre “careless” photos) and those with good feeds. yeap, I’m selective like that. I’d hate to see my feed be filled with 400 blurry, out of focus mediocre pictures *shrug*

I haven’t been posting on IG as much too. quality over quantity tbh. I won’t post pictures that I deem are too…bland. while people have 100+ instagram posts, i only have less than 100 :))
I don’t post selfies and pictures with friends so 😛

coming back to instagram or not, well that’s a personal choice. I personally think it’s cool not to post for sooooo long 🙂


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