This World is Broken

I’m sure everybody knows by now, today the United States has made gay marriage legal in all states! It’s a touchy subject and I’ve always supported the rights of all people no matter who they choose to love, but now as I’ve become a Christian there’s no doubt it clashes with what is taught in the Bible. However that has not changed my opinion that LGBTs deserve rights just as much as straight people do. Nor does it make me question the Bible’s teachings.

It only makes me question certain people who claim to be Christian. Take this guy for example.

I came across Bryan Fischer’s tweet on an article then saw a string of his anti-gay tweets on his Twitter about what happened today. Each one is worse than the one before it. A quick Google search told me he’s a political activist who used to host American Family Radio, is on the “against” side for every controversial issue, and hates pretty much everybody except white Christians.

I wanted to find out if he’s an uneducated blabber so I had to do some more digging. It seems like he has a Master of Divinity from Dallas Theological Seminary and has even founded some churches. So that makes him not only a Christian, but a Christian who should have closely studied every page of the Bible.

I may have only been exposed to Christianity for two years, learning on a regular basis for four months, and really started to understand for two of those. But from what I know the basic fundamental of being a Christian is “love thy neighbors” by respecting their beliefs because it isn’t your business to judge.

I feel sick. I am appalled that anybody could write something so revolting.

I don’t know if Fischer cut half of his seminary classes or something, but he is a good example of what causes religious hatred and for people to think Christians are annoying preachers. I’m not qualified to discuss the biblical interpretation of homosexuality but I can definitely say I am starting to see more and more of the Christian belief that the world is evil and most of that evil is caused by humans. Being a pastor is no a ticket to Heaven like I had believed long ago when I was young and naive. Some of my close friends are pastors and I love the pastor from my church, but there are pastors like Fischer who I really want to call a scumbag.

This world is broken. It’s so broken. Maybe I can make it a bit better if I can show people that they need to understand each other. Wise words not from the Bible, but preached by the Sage Naruto.


Maybe we may never achieve understanding because people simply refuse to understand, but that doesn’t mean a poor talker like me lecturing should give up. It’s not my style since I’ve always been in environments where people had their shields up to defend themselves both from oppression and reasoning, but it’s something I’m so grateful to have picked up in the last four months at NYU. And it also shows that even people like Masashi Kishomoto (who might not even be Christian) write similar ideas to resolve the hatred we carry. Now THAT is my style. Making media references to defend my viewpoint, ahaha.

Four months ago I was all about spamming Super Smash Bros. and meeting a bunch of developers and gamers to work with. Right now none of that matters because the one day of this semester I’ll never forget is the day I walked past the Christian fellowship table and was recruited by two people who are now among my close friends. Only last week they told me out of about 30 people they spoke to, only one returned.

I don’t know how many people I’ll be able to reach out to but for now I can’t see another way to live my thesis year. I need to recognize my strengths as a designer, developer, and take full advantage of the final year of my education in terms of both games and spirituality. Maybe in a year I will have a better ending to this post, but for now, thanks for reading! <3

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Raisa wrote on 27th June 2015 at 6:33 PM

I was raised in a Christian household. My grandmother was a devoted churchgoer, and I want to a very conservative Baptist school. No pants for girls, no touching the opposite sex (it was called the 6-inch rule), no dances, no dating. Just Bible study and choir.

There are plenty of things that I don’t agree with the teaching of the church which is why I’ve distance myself from the community. I don’t believe gays are an abomination, I don’t believe in submitting to my husband, I don’t believe in the concept of virginity, etc.

I know all of these contradict with what the Bible says, and I don’t try to justify my dissent. I’ve honestly seen a lot of people shamed in the community, and I was one of them. That’s no way to live. So now I just own my opinions. It doesn’t align with the church. I don’t care.

I don’t know if you’ve discussed the difference between faith and religion at some point. The idea is religion is a social construct created by man, lead by man, and man’s interest could overtake that of what God wants for you. Man has sin, temptation, and personal agendas. And a man charged to lead the church can manipulate you into getting what he wants. So don’t let religion control you. Let prayer lead you to what you believe is true in your heart.

I think that’s what I go through most days. My faith is shaky at best nowadays, but I try to remember that religion is different from faith. I’m not gonna let another person affect my beliefs.

So yes, the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin. But the Bible was written by man. It’s said that all books of the Bible were inspired by God, but can we really believe that other people, who are just as human as us and most likely had an agenda, have the authority to speak for Him? I don’t know if He thinks gays are an abomination. He hasn’t said so Himself. We might never know.


Chantelle Reply:

I’ve never been shamed in a church community, but I’m also quite weary of church communities even though I’m Christian. I pretty much agree with everything Raisa’s said. Moving on from that, though, I support gay marriage 100 percent. I think that persecuting and/or judging gay people is wrong period. As a Christian, I feel that it’s important to experience faith on a personal level and to figure values out personally because corruption is no stranger to churches and people make mistakes as well as have agendas. Plus, Christian history is fascinating and it makes it clear that the Bible was almost arbitrarily put together years and years and years after the death of Christ. People are constantly reinterpreting scriptures as they see fit.


Susanne wrote on 29th June 2015 at 8:10 AM

The Bible may say that homosexuality is a sin, but it doesn’t say that we should hate and oppress homosexuals. I totally agree with you that our duty should be to love our neighbours, and it isn’t up to us to judge.
Some Christians, like this Fischer person, are just simply scary. Someone said “I love Jesus, but I don’t like his fan club”. That is so clever. There are fantastic Christians, but then there are also these scary people.


Danielle wrote on 7th July 2015 at 5:44 PM

I think it’s great that you posted about this. I have plenty of gay friends but never would I ever describe them to have any relation with the devil. It’s honestly terrible that Christianity has become so twisted and Fischer proves that.
Both of my parents are Catholics, I believe in God, but I have never been to church a day in my life. There are so many ways approach religion and unfortunately that leaves everyone bickering with each other over what is “right or wrong.”
I’m very happy everyone now has equal opportunities to share the rest of their lives with the person they love most, regardless of sexuality.


Jenny wrote on 9th July 2015 at 2:57 PM

First off I’m so happy to hear the news about you becoming a Christian!! God works in mysterious ways to draw us to Him 🙂

Now about the legalization of gay marriage…I feel exactly the same way you do. Yes the bible does condemn that lifestyle, but the 2 greatest commandments we are taught as Christians is 1) to love God and 2) to love others – including LGBTs. In my opinion the actions of this Bryan Fischer is 10x more despicable than those that he’s condemning. It’s seriously judgmental self-righteous “Christians” like him that deter people from the faith. *smh*


Jhanz wrote on 11th July 2015 at 5:13 AM

I am raised in a very conservative community, and I’m used with the snarky remarks of disgust from people who same the share sentiments. It is really sad on how some people would go out of their way just to HATE others. I mean, sure, homosexuality might be a sin, but that doesn’t give us a free pass to be mean to them, or to oppress them, as to what other people have been doing.

I am a Christian and I support gay marriage because, as pointed out, who are we to judge? I mean, if they might be doing something wrong, we should not condemn them, and just let God do His judgement. Love thy neighbors, through and through.


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