AgithaHime Diaries: The worst game ever

If you like cats, it’s here on the app store for free. It also has a second version if you’re more of a dog person. Since personally I find cartoon cats prettier than cartoon dogs, I’ll talk about the cat perspective (though the dog version is the exact same game starring a bunch of dogs instead).

The game is set in Catlandia, populated by way too many cats to count. You embark on a journey with a starter kitten who explains to you that some evil out there has drugged all cat food, making all cats aggressive. Your journey’s purpose is to build up a cat army so you can defeat evil and save Catlandia!

Each region has levels where you must defeat progressively stronger cats, and then defeat the tougher region boss to reach the next region.

Problem: If you start a level, you cannot run away from the cat you are challenging unless distract it with cat food (the blue dish). Cat food is very hard to obtain; it only shows up occasionally when you pull off a great victory. You may also be ambushed by random cats you don’t even want to battle while moving between levels. Viola, extra level unless you want to throw cat food!

You can take three cats with you at a time, but the battle is one-on-one. Here is my top cat LaPerm battling a feral Ragdoll.

Problem: Feral cats are unbelievably strong. This Ragdoll above might have 17000+ HP, but if I capture it for my team, somehow that is decreased to about half. Feral cats also have about twice as much attack power as captured cats, which is of course decreased upon capture. It usually takes a feral cat only a few hits to defeat your equal-level cat while only losing less than half of its HP. Of course, you can heal half your HP with very scarce cat food.

This is the bakery where you use flour to bake different kinds of bread to enhance your HP and attack power.

Problem: Most flour is used to bake capture bread to bring feral cats into your team. Common cats have a 60% capture rate, uncommon 30%, rare %10, and very rare a merely 5%. This is statistically after you bring them down to their lowest surviving HP. It takes quite a lot of flour to bake very little capture bread, and you may use up to 30 breads for the better cats you want.


Like pictured here. Obviously, I haven’t caught any of them. My top cat is proudly a rare cat and I’m happy with his strength.

Or, you may use all that bread and not capture anything! A 5% capture chance is always going to be 5% no matter how many times you try.


The plus side is that the Catlandia map is really pretty and each region is unique. The unique regions don’t do much for the gameplay though.

Of course, you can solve all these problems with Meowbux, the currency of Catlandia. You can buy more cat food and more flour with Meowbux. In the pictures it is obvious I have 0 Meowbux because they are only obtained through certain achievements (like one Meowbux for losing 25 battles). How do you get more Meowbux? You pay for it with real money, like every app.

So what is this much better, no-headaches, and rageless alternate to Bread Kittens I had already mentioned in the title? Yup, you guessed it.


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4 Comments to "AgithaHime Diaries: The worst game ever"

AnneMarie wrote on 7th June 2014 at 11:42 PM

Yeahhhh, this sounds pretty similar to Pokemon…but Pokemon is AMAZING! 😀

That is a lot of cats. And it sounds pretty complicated. And in terms of the $40 fee, are you talking about pokemon or Catlandia?


Liv Reply:

Pokemon of course. 🙂 Bread Kittens is free unless you want to purchase lots of Meowbux to purchase Cat Food to make the gameplay actually possible (because like any app you have to wait to recharge your supplies unless you pay).


Raisa wrote on 8th June 2014 at 9:55 PM

Wow, that’s horrid and sounds like you can’t get through unless you jailbreak and install a cheat engine.


Alice B wrote on 6th August 2014 at 6:43 AM

i’m honestly laughing at everything, even the basic concept of this game and the “catlandia” thing. i don’t know why i’m laughing but i am? not in a “wow this game is so ridiculous don’t play it pfft” kind of laugh though (guess it’s more of a “this game is kind of ridiculous but in an adorable way and someone can actually be addicted to this”). i guess i’m just amused. this is actually kind of creative (and funny).

sometimes i wonder how do these developers actually come up with these games. then again i can never get myself be into mobile app games… when people play shadowgun on ipad, i can’t stand playing it. i guess it’s due to the controls and the “alien” feeling…i end up playing my consoles and pc instead haha


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