Pokemon Turns 20!

I know I’m a few days late to celebrate, but how can I miss out?! The Pokemon Company is celebrating by releasing the original Red, Blue, and Yellow on Virtual Console and also announcing the upcoming new generation Pokemon Sun & Moon!

Pokemon is a party I was way late to, but still holds a huge part of my heart. As a child I could not afford a handheld nor did my mom allow me to use my baby eyes on things like that, but I did watch the anime for many years and I absolutely loved Pikachu! (Who doesn’t?) But it wasn’t until Pokemon X/Y were released and I already had a paid job that I was able to buy myself the game to try. I didn’t expect to enjoy it that much! At the time I was still recovering from a mini-stroke I had seven months earlier, and it was a problem because I was a senior in college working on my senior projects. Not being able to draw as a designer had huge setbacks and I was limited to what I could do. Playing Pokemon X was tiring for my hand, but the repetitive motion slowly set itself into my right arm that it became less and less a chore. Who would think POKEMON could become physical therapy?!

Because I was a newbie, I really enjoyed breeding cute babies as well as collecting every Pokemon even after I beat the Elite Four. I played a bit every day and it was 300 hours later that I felt okay. My arm hurt significantly less. And that was absolutely amazing.

Through those 300 hours, I had taken the identity of the female trainer I named Agitha (after the Bug Princess from Zelda of course) and customized to my liking that it felt extremely personal. That’s why my gamertag is AgithaHime (Princess Agitha) and I’m never going to reset the save file because it holds something special to me. I still use this file to breed Egg Moves and Hidden Abilities for Pokemon I want to use in other Generation VI games. You can see how Agitha looks in the thumbnail of this post! I dig the orange hair and hazel eyes. I’m not sure why I haven’t run into any other trainers who went for orange hair.

After Pokemon X, I’ve played Pokemon Black, Pokemon White 2, and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. I am very sad that the more renowned games like HeartGold or FireRed are out of production, but perhaps someday I’ll be able to get my hands on a copy! To commemorate, I want to share a few of my favorite things along with some beautiful fanart I found!

Favorite Pokemon

Art by haychel.

Talonflame is introduced as the Pidgeotto role in Pokemon X/Y and is a fire & flying type like Charizard! You pretty much get to raise a Moltres/Ho-Oh! My Fletchling was one of the first Pokemon I caught and at the time I didn’t know how crucial she would become later when she evolved into a powerful eagle. Talonflame works better as a flying type than fire type because it is a master of Acrobatics which has allowed me to win against every Pokemon that is not an electric, rock, or steel type. It also has a hidden ability that gives flying moves priority, which makes it outspeed just about any Pokemon because it’s already super fast.

Art by sa-dui.

My Talonflame has the normal ability though, which is Flame Body. Also being a Pokemon that learns Fly just made her the mama hen since she could fly me to a good place for quick egg hatching then use her warm body to cut down the number of hatching steps by half! My Talonflame is at Level 100 right now and is my trusty dusty steed.

Favorite Type

Artist unknown πŸ™

I always thought Electric type is my favorite since they don’t have many weaknesses, but I recently played a monotype challenge with just Water Pokemon and have grown rather fond of them. Water Pokemon are mostly based on sea creatures so training them is like having my own little aquarium!

Favorite NPC

Art by c-dra.

N is from Pokemon BW/B2W2 and is the villain in the first game. To avoid spoilers I won’t give any more details, but his story is very deep and well-written for a children’s game! His character development is very realistic as well, unlike most Pokemon villains and their mottos. Also, his character design is so casually stylish. Just look at that cap with the white shirt and khakis!

Favorite Gym Leader

Artist unknown πŸ™

Elesa is a gym leader from Pokemon BW/B2W2 and in the first game she is the worst because she uses Volt Switch to toggle between her electric team which varies in type weaknesses. It took me more than five tries to defeat her! But that just makes her the coolest gym leader, especially since she is a model and gets a redesign in the second game!

Favorite Champion

Artist unknown πŸ™

I’m rather torn between Steven Stone of Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire or Cynthia of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. I’ve never played Generation IV so I have never fought Cynthia but she is just everything a female champion should be. Steven on the other hand is the only champion of a game I’ve played who takes a very major role and gets to know the player during his/her journey. You just expect him to be the champion at the end! His lineup isn’t bad either. Metagross just pairs with him so well!

Favorite Location

Art by namie-kun.

Snowbelle City is a town in Pokemon X/Y that is snowing all year long. As someone who doesn’t like snow this kind of deviates hehe but the town’s design is so beautiful and the music is just stunning! It also makes a unique setting because its ice type gym controls the weather.

In-game screenshot!

What are some of your Pokemon favorites?

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11 Comments to "Pokemon Turns 20!"

Alice wrote on 5th March 2016 at 11:17 AM

ah, pokemon; definitely one of the best games i have ever played in my whole life. i stopped playing after black/white though because i don’t have a 3DS. but if i were to own a 3DS, i’d definitely play the rest even though they’re hella expensive.

omg Talonflame is so cool what the heck? Pidgeotto was the basic bird pokemon that pretty much everyone has, either they end up using it for the elite four or not… everyone i know will always, ALWAYS have a pidgey / pidgeotto or even pidgeot in their pokedex. ugh if only they introduced a flying/fire bird pokemon in the previous generations… it’d be way cooler than normal/flying.

aw, i’ve never done a monotype challenge before. i’ve always thought that’d be boring? hm, but it can be challenging and pretty fun…now that i think about it. however, considering it’s me, maybe i’ll do a fire-type niche than water-type. there’s a reason why i always pick charmander 90% of the time instead of squirtle though i admit, squirtle, piplup and totodile are really great water starters.

oh gahd. elesa. elesa was annoying. her emolga is annoying. but she’s absolutely the coolest in terms of character design.

i’ve battled cynthia before but i pretty much forgot about it lmao. i remember steven more than cynthia; his metagross isn’t gross, it’s actually cool *what a lame joke*

hm some of my favorite pokemon, eh…well this is gonna be long… my favorite starters are charmander, cyndaquil, turtwig and treecko — which is surprising if i include grass type her but turtwig and treecko, especially treecko, are good grass type imo. bulbasaur is adorable but it’s not as useful ^^;; favorite legendaries would be kyogre, lugia, articuno and uh… dialga, i think. i like others like gengar, lapras, salamance, dragonite, arcanine, luxray, etc. there are so many pokemon that i like, both visually and for combat :)) i’m still such a pokemon geek even though i don’t play pass black/white.


Jenny wrote on 7th March 2016 at 9:30 PM

Oh my goodness this post brings back memories! The first site I ever created was a Pokemon site! I still remember when my mom finally bought me a gameboy + Pokemon Red, and I must have spent hours every day, and I actually managed to catch all 150! I played Gold/Silver (and the remakes), Ruby/Sapphire, and Pearl/Diamond (which I just couldn’t finish), and then I couldn’t keep up anymore xD The first 2 generations will always be my favorite, but wow Talonflame looks incredible! Almost makes me want to play X/Y!


Liv Reply:

You should play X/Y! Though most Pokemon masters say they are too easy, the 3D controls are amazing and you also get to dress up your trainer. ^_^ There’s also games you can play with your Pokemon.


Georgie wrote on 9th March 2016 at 12:02 AM

I didn’t realise Pokemon was that old. I was into the card game and television series from 1998 to 2002. It’s funny that you mentioned characters that I have no idea about because you seem to have seen a lot of the recent series. I only remember and know the old original 150 Pokemon and characters!


Liv Reply:

I have only watched the original series! with Ash Brok and Misty, then I stopped after Ash moved to Hoenn, which was 2003. But I’ve only played the recent games because only they are available on the 3DS for a normal amount of $$$. The first Pokemon games recently were released for virtual console but I’m not sure how well I’d do with the retro controls – the previous generation of Pokemon games from 2010 are challenging enough already (yesss the older the game is, the harder it is and that applies for all video games).


Cat wrote on 9th March 2016 at 12:28 AM

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years now! My very first Pokemon game was Blue, and my brother had Red. We also had a friend who had Yellow, so together, we managed to finish the Pokedex with the original 150. From there, I played the Pokemon card game and also Pokemon Colosseum on Gamecube.

I played some of Pearl and HeartGold, but sadly, I couldn’t get back into the series. I didn’t finish either game, so I don’t recognize much of what you mention in this entry. I loved my time with Blue and have such fond memories of it, but I guess my interests have changed over the years.

My favorite Pokemon is still Bulbasaur who was my Blue starter! I think Water is my favorite type as well. I remember having both a Gyrados and Vaporeon, and people thought I was weird for having two water Pokemon in my party XD


Michelle wrote on 12th March 2016 at 10:34 PM

I need to finish Alpha Sapphire!~ I love it, but not as much as Pokemon X. Happy belated birthday, Pokemon~!


Kya wrote on 12th March 2016 at 11:11 PM

Wow, that is amazing that it has turned 20. I have never played it but have known about it for a long time.

Thanks for sharing your journey. πŸ˜€


Tara wrote on 13th March 2016 at 8:26 PM

I never really got into Pokemon. At one point I did watch a bit of the anime and I grew to love Pikachu (who’s absolutely adorable, no matter what!), but that was far as I got. I think I did play a bit of the older game (don’t remember which one), but I didn’t play it long. Maybe an hour and I just stopped LOL.

But wow. Seeing that Pokemon is 20 is making me feel old. Heck, even seeing the kids with their cards at my workplace makes me feel old, haha! Man, I should do a homage post to the RPGs that got me into RPG . . . one day XD


Raisa wrote on 14th March 2016 at 9:16 PM

Generations I/II hold a special place in my heart, and they’ll always be the best to me! XD I started playing Y last year, but I haven’t finished it. I think I was grinding for money and I got bored haha.

Hmm, I’ve always liked Whitney from Goldenrod City! I think it’s so funny when she cries after you beat her.


Liv Reply:

Mm I have a problem with the grinding in Gen V too! For levels though rather than $$. When there are no more trainers you have to battle and you have to search for Audino to defeat, and not receiving enough experience points because your Pokemon are too high leveled … just not enough for the gym leader you’re grinding for. Not sure if this is the case for all games before Gen VI.


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