The Name’s Kushina

I don’t usually judge things by its cover, but when it comes to this blog, I’m insanely picky. The old theme bothered me so much I avoided blogging for two months until I had time to create a new one. I had already completed the design of this new theme back in July, but it took three months to kick into development mode, and one month worth of redesigning via code for it to pass my own approval.


This is what it looked like as the first and final PSD mockups. Eek.

The theme …

Backlog Week

For the first time since graduating, I’ve taken some days off work to enjoy the last days of summer over the long weekend, and what does that mean? Shameless gaming without another care in the world. My plan was to play a different game on a different console/platform every day. Here’s how that went:

Note: I never had a DS so I counted a DS game as 3DS, but since I used to play on my mom’s Wii before moving to my Wii U, I counted a Wii game played on the Wii U …

8 Years Late to the Party

Instead of enjoying summer like my dad insisted, these photos will better explain why I choose to work an extra 8-10 hours per week outside my full-time job.

After accessing my income for the month of June, I decided to invest half the extra pocket money I saved and finally be the owner of an Xbox 360. I might be 8 years late and 10 years older than everyone else, but I honestly believe it’s never too late to enjoy the beauty of games from the last generation consoles. Face it, I was not … © Olivia Hu, 2011 - 2015. Proud Presser and Clementine.