Yesterday at a meeting for my college ministry, we were asked to think about which specific community of people we want to serve. This is a question that we are always asked to think about because we each have individual strengths. My answer has always been techies and artists because I identify with both groups.

What does it mean to serve?

Being able to serve – meaning connect personally, build relationships, love, make changes – a community requires more than just identification. For example, I identify as an Asian American, but that is a super …

What Would Have Been the Grams II

Half a year ago, I archived some photos I had taken over a long time into a Intagram dedication post because I don’t use my account. 🙁 I wanted to start using it again at the beginning of the past summer because it’s one of my favorite apps, but somehow life always catches up with me despite how much I enjoy taking photos. I still take photos, mostly of my friends and I, but I end up forgetting about Instagram. So here’s just another archive of my life since May 2016 when …

I stand up and say I am not uncomfortable around men.


This past summer through professional help and reading the book Boundaries, I learned that I had a long relationship so toxic the guy had been tricking me into going on dates and pouring out my heart to him while lying to me I was his special best friend until I found out what he really meant. On top of that news, I learned our toxicity carried right into how I interacted with another guy so much that he also thought he had … © Olivia Hu, 2011 - 2015. Proud Presser and Clementine.