I’m finally helping sick children.

I’ve been waiting for this day, ah.

The background story is that when I was 13, I wanted to become pediatric oncologist. Why so morbid, you ask? I was addicted to a series written by a lady whose son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Her purpose in becoming an author was sharing all the horrors of terminal illnesses with teen readers. It made me want to spend my life trying to make better the lives of sick children, however long they had to live. Then I started high school and was too busy to read.

Anyways, despite my change of career, I haven’t had a change of heart. Today, I’ve officially made my first donation to The Get-Well Gamers Foundation, one of the only charities that will take even the oldest video games to distribute to hospitals all over the country.

getwellgamersLook at the sick child playing the video game happily.

The charity believes video games are great for pain management. From a personal experience, I’d add that they are extremely therapeutic. 300 hours of Pokemon is exactly what cured my arm injury from May of last year, after months and months of futile exercise and pondering whether or not I’d have to give up my computer-heavy career. I don’t think one year ago I was so serious about playing video games that I’d change my entire blog into video-game-inspired posts.

To start things off, I donated four Gamecube games from my teen years when gaming wasn’t anything serious but just a casual pastime with my friends. Two of them were Naruto fighting games from my Sasuke-obsessing years, and the other two were Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings that were given to me as gifts but never ever played. I have outgrown these games but there are kids out there who would appreciate beating up Orochimaru to fend off any anger or sadness that came along with their illnesses.

More significantly, I also donated my copy of Mario Kart for Wii. It was actually a birthday present for me not too long ago, but I decided that it will show more of my sincerity and seriousness about this charity. Giving is so much more meaningful than selling games to Gamestop for about 10% of the original price so they can resell it for 90%. Ripoffs.

To celebrate the moment, I bought myself Mario Kart 8. I am quite surprised at how much I am enjoying it. The graphics are beautiful and the navigating is much easier than on Wii, and you can even drive on walls or in water.

If you buy the game and register it with Nintendo before July 31st, you’ll also get a free download of one of four expensive games of your choosing. Hello, Pikmin 3!

The only problem now is that I have too many games. It does not help that I am clashing with the Steam Summer Sale.

mygamesFinally, the playlist button in my navigation works! I’ll try to make the list prettier over time.

I’ve started to count and collect all my games in one place so I’ll know when to stop buying (yeah right) and how many games I am currently playing (apparently seven!). It’s a little less complex than Cat’s inventory and a bit more detailed than my friend’s pure text list. The idea to use imagery instead of box cover art came from my senior thesis. But more on that later!

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Kristine wrote on 24th June 2014 at 12:33 AM

That is awesome and very sweet of you, Liv! I wish I had games to donate. It sounds like a wonderful charity to give to. I hope you are able to put a smile on many more of the kids faces. šŸ™‚


Cat wrote on 24th June 2014 at 3:51 PM

That’s awesome that you donated your games to the Get-Well Gamers Foundation! I haven’t heard of this one, so I’ll have to look into it. I’ve been donating to Child’s Play for several years now. They don’t take your games, but they take money donations to buy games and consoles for children’s hospitals. You can also buy things off of the participating hospitals’ wish lists.

I wish MK8 announced the free game promo earlier. I own all of them except Wii U Party šŸ™ Fun game though! I wasn’t a fan of the Wii version, so I think it’s a huge improvement.


Sue wrote on 26th June 2014 at 11:43 AM

That’s so nice of you to donate your games to children who are sick. It does seem therapeutic. I’m glad that your arm feels better these days. So proud that you are now a web developer! ^_^

Wow that’s a lot of games you’ve got there. Even the Playing section is a lot. It would be nice if when you hover over them you can see what the names of the games are and when you click on it you can learn more about the game. I’m assuming you’re still working on it.


Liv Reply:

Right now the default title of the img src displays the names of the game but I’m thinking of doing hover effects. It makes everything complicated though so might have to break out of WordPress for that (make a fake page!). And yes, I’m thinking of writing reviews of the games. Short reviews are reviews too!


AnneMarie wrote on 1st July 2014 at 12:53 AM

Good for you for donating some games to that organization! That’s such a unique concept but I’m sure there will be a lot of kids who will enjoy your donations.

The graphics in that picture for Mario Kart 8 look AMAZING. What game system is that for? I don’t play much anymore and I really need to sell my games actually…any ideas besides GameStop? Or maybe I should just donate them…it’s just that I spent so much money on them, and they could help me pay for my college tuition. Oh decisions.

But I would also love that free download of Pikman or whatever other games there are. Too bad I don’t play anymore.

And you seem to have a lot of games. I can only imagine. I look forward to seeing your inventory soon!


Liv Reply:

Mario Kart 8 is Wii U exclusive. I doubt selling your games anywhere will help with tuition. =( Every buy-back place is like Gamestop – they give you a small percentage of the original price depending on how high the game is in demand. The Mario Kart I donated was offered $12 by Gamestop but I’d rather see a smiling child than see Gamestop resell that for $30.


Jenny wrote on 1st July 2014 at 10:07 PM

That’s awesome that you’re donating your old games to help sick children! I’m so glad you shared this charity on your blog, because now I know what to do with my old PS2 + gameboy games!


Kalliste wrote on 2nd July 2014 at 7:19 AM

I think that’s a great idea and it’s awesome you donated so much! I hope some kids have fun with them. Can you donate consoles too or only games?


Liv Reply:

This charity is not picky like most others! They will take games, consoles, accessories, even for stuff as old as SNES.


Georgie wrote on 9th July 2014 at 9:39 AM

This made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. šŸ™‚ I feel good giving in this way, too, when I am able to pass my old toys to kids who will love them. I am so sure there are little ones out there who will appreciate your old games.

I love this layout, by the way! Gorgeous colours and simply magnificent style. <3 <3


Ethetica.net | Four Weeks of Extra Life 2014 wrote on 16th November 2014 at 10:12 PM

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