Happy Productivity

I am giving in to making a list of goals for the year, so here goes!

  • Organize my blog better as a designer as well as a developer. I had already converted my playlist to custom posts, and today I converted my music category as well. Doing so has allowed me to de-clutter my archives page, and now it’s no longer necessary to hide the audio post format from my homepage and RSS feed. Next is cleaning up my stylesheet, and I also want to redesign my posts so they will look more interesting than just chunks of text. For example, this post visually looks boring because it lacks photos. But as a designer, I can’t just take the easy way out by sticking in random images. I am just hoping that this will be accomplished before I get tired of my theme, hehe.
  • Do what real web developers do. I know I am very behind, but I have began this by putting the newly organized Kushina theme into a repository on Github. I have been using git at work and now wonder why I used to write code without it! My last job was too dumb to use git. I also wish to start creating cross-platform WordPress and Tumblr themes. This is important because I want to design themes that start off as one, but branch off in usability for two popular but very different blogging platforms, and tie back as the same theme. This will probably make more sense once I have a design out, so I should probably start soon!
  • Start vectoring again. I’m not a traditional artist, but if you were reading my blog back in the early years of this decade (just wanted to sound fancy there), you’ll know that I enjoy minimalist vector art. I made Flash games and created hundreds of characters. I was in the middle of remaking this game in jQuery with better vector drawings when my right arm was injured in May 2013. Since then I haven’t vectored much, and haven’t touched my Bamboo tablet at all. My arm is a lot stronger nowadays, so I can’t wait to resume an old hobby!
  • Do not let my permit expire! Another thing I gave up when my arm was injured was driving. Prior to that I had already been driving expressways, but was not good enough at parking to take the road test. When the weather warms up, I hope to wrap up my practicing then pass my road test before my permit expires in August. I’m not doing this because I actually need a license now, but I am planning for the future. It’s very common for Manhattan professionals to not have a license, but I might want a car in 12-15 years, and when the time comes, I don’t want retake a permit test in a room full of people half my age.
  • Empty my backlog, sort of. First, there are ~15 games in my backlog that are about 2 hours in before my indecisive head was dragged into another game. After finishing Ocarina of Time 3D on December 30th, I decided I want to complete the rest of them once and for all! It doesn’t mean I won’t be starting new games, since not one but TWO Zelda games will be released this year. Second, like Cat, I want to buy less than 30 games. This of course does not count free games from the Amazon Appstore, giveaways from Humble, or gifts. But it’s three days into the year and I only have 26 spots left. I am already planning on buying two discounted games, and the two other spots are reserved for those Zeldas. Yeah, I already think this goal is completely unrealistic, but I will give it a shot anyway.

I’d ask what your goals are for the year, but I’m sure you’ve written or are writing them on your own blog. Happy productivity then!

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3 Comments to "Happy Productivity"

Raisa wrote on 6th January 2015 at 9:56 PM

I like your goals! I can’t wait to see what your gonna do with a Tumblr/WP theme.

I use git obsessively, haha. I like to keep most of my projects private, so I use Bitbucket more than Github. I was hoping to release some stuff open-source, but I always back out coz I keep thinking my code isn’t good enough. T_T


Cat wrote on 7th January 2015 at 12:32 AM

Those are great things to work on! I feel like I need to give my blog another look at both its organization and code too. So much of it is old stuff that’s still around from the beginning. Creating cross-platform themes has been on my list for a while as well, mainly for my graphics site. I’ve been so lazy on that though, sigh.

Your Dress Up Henry game is so cute 🙂 I look forward to seeing more vector art from you! I hope you’ll be able to get your license before your permit expires too!

I have a feeling I won’t ever get my backlog down to a reasonable number, haha. Games just release too fast now, and there are way too many I want to play.

Good luck on all of your goals!


Alice B wrote on 11th January 2015 at 11:56 AM

i forgot that your definition of playlist equals to gaming log/record 😛 i like your way of calling it a playlist haha makes people think of music instead of video games.

i feel you there, about posts without images. this is why sometimes i find it hard to update my blog. i haven’t been going out and taking photos recently (and my instagram is pretty blah because i don’t wanna throw random stupid posts into it, ya know… it’s gonna make it look like garbage instead of serving its purpose – which is to be my mini portfolio or something) so i have a hard time on thinking what to write. but yeah, i came up with the idea of doing collages / moodboard for inspiration on various things then share them as new entry. pretty….cliche but yea, better than leaving my blog to rot, right?

i think people who can design tumblr theme are amazing. i wanna learn how to build one too but the syntax looks kind of more than the usual html we tend to build, if that makes sense and i’m currently lazy about it 😛 i haven’t even mastered wordpress! dang it. plus, i need to polish my coding skills too. people think like “well at least you know how to css animation and the css to responsive themes” and yet i still think i’m totally blah :))

omg vectorssssss… gahd i don’t have the patience for vectors! i admire people who do neat vectors! though i dislike doing vectors, i still love using them as part of my flat design (obviously, duh. that’s why it’s flat design, alice *whacked*). vectors are beautiful especially for UI design 😉

you should try making games in 3D! i don’t have the patience for Flash either, be it for games or animation. i can’t imagine using Flash for animation, tbh. i know it’s always the basic for everyone but i’d rather learn how to operate 3ds max (which i’m doing this semester) and autodesk maya. i used Unity game engine last semester and it’s pretty decent for a starter. maybe you’d find it interesting 😀

you should donate me some of your money so i can buy games from steam :)) geez, why are games so expensive in asia… sigh. this is so unfair. i will wait by the time your post talks about “I FINALLY FINISHED BIOSHOCK!” as patience as POSSIBLE lol


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