Designing with Code

This is all about my work!

I Want to Hear from Women in Tech!

Yesterday at a meeting for my college ministry, we were asked to think about which specific community of people we want to serve. This is a question that we are always asked to think about because we each have individual strengths. My answer has a ...

A Sneak Peek of My Thesis

I can’t believe how fast the last year and half has gone and that I’m in my final semester of grad school! I’m currently researching and writing my thesis + building my game full-time. When I started my thesis exactly a year ago, ...

The Name’s Kushina

I don’t usually judge things by its cover, but when it comes to this blog, I’m insanely picky. The old theme bothered me so much I avoided blogging for two months until I had time to create a new one. I had already completed the design ... © Olivia Hu, 2011 - 2015. Proud Presser and Clementine.