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For the first time since graduating, I’ve taken some days off work to enjoy the last days of summer over the long weekend, and what does that mean? Shameless gaming without another care in the world. My plan was to play a different game on a different console/platform every day. Here’s how that went:

Note: I never had a DS so I counted a DS game as 3DS, but since I used to play on my mom’s Wii before moving to my Wii U, I counted a Wii game played on the Wii U still as a Wii game.

Wii Day: Kirby’s Epic Yarn

I had started this game about a year ago. It’s quite adorable and unique, but it didn’t hold my attention enough. On Wii Day I completed what I had left of it in about 6 hours, and I’m still not sure how much I liked it.

You play as Kirby, but instead of a traditional Kirby game (I’m guessing, since I’ve never played one) you don’t go through Dreamland swallowing King Dedede’s minions. By a twist of fate you are transported to a world called Patch Land where everything is made of yarn, including yourself. The purpose is to find the magical yarns that will sew together the different areas of Patch Land. You use yarn as a weapon to kill enemies and collect the beads they drop, and because you’re made of yarn, you can transform into a number of things like a car, a fish, etc, to help you through each stage.

The gameplay style is quite fun. But what threw me off is how simple the concept of the game is, yet how hard it is to play. You don’t have any lives like a regular game, and unlike most platformers, you can touch enemies and live to tell the tale. But instead, when you get hit by an enemy’s projectile, touch something sharp, or fall off the stage, you will lose half your beads. The goal for each stage is maybe 1500 beads, yet on many of my levels I could only retain 100 – 200 beads. It got frustrating and boring really fast. At least Kirby’s still cute.

3DS Day: Pokemon White 2

I threw this game aside a few weeks ago because I uh, lost to the champion Iris several times in a row and got mad. On 3DS Day I decided to seriously get it over with once and for all, and pushed my team to get stronger. I know most Pokemon trainers are probably laughing at me for not being able to beat Iris. Harhar. Make fun of the weakling. At least I did take her out in the end.

Ignoring the insane effort to level up a Pokemon and the evil of Rotation Battle, the game was quite enjoyable, even though I preferred Pokemon Black. Gamefreak made a great effort to connect the two games so well, but I wish we could have met the player character from the first game. It would have been a great addition to the game if he/she finally returned home after searching for N.

Too bad Nintendo discontinued online support, because otherwise I’d be able to get some competitive Pokemon from my competitive friends and take on the Pokemon World Tournament, where you can battle gym leaders and champions from the first four regions. I know I know, if I can’t even beat Iris I’d probably be thrashed. I just wish I had a chance to be thrashed by Gary.

Wii U Day: Child of Light

I got this unbelievably beautiful game around finals time and graduation drama, and life was stressful enough back then that the battle style and inventory confused me too much to keep playing. I decided to rexplore on Wii U Day, and after a little online explanation of what oculis are, I’ve gotten hang of the system and progressed nicely into the game. I’ve actually reached the final chapter, so looks like I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

The game begins like a fairy tale storybook. The main character, Aurora, is sent to a mysterious land where she has to find her way home, only to be thrown into the conflict at hand and forced to deal with everything. Reminds me of Zelda, anyone?

The combat style is kind of like a Pokemon double battle where you control two characters at once to knock down HP from the enemy, and gain experience points to level up once you win. The bonus is that unlike Pokemon, you’ll still gain points if you faint. But also unlike Pokemon, if both your battlers faint, you can’t switch them out for healthy characters because it’s game over!

Xbox Day: Bioshock

By this point I noticed my gaming week had somehow become backlog week, but I haven’t actually started this one. I asked Alice to pick a game for Xbox Day.

I don’t usually play shooters because I always thought they are all war stuff like Counter Strike, but the first hour of Bioshock Infinite and now Bioshock have held my interest. If someone spent time writing a story then why discriminate on how it’s presented to the gamer? I’m still in the learning process but I am confident I’ll be able to control the game better and not waste ammo shooting stuff that’s already dead. Soon.

So far it seems the game is set in an underwater city that’s somehow not flooding, and populated by humans that have undergone some sort of bad mutation. The task at hand is escaping while spilling the blood of every person you run into. I can’t say much more about it but it could be less bloody.

Whatever happened to PC Day?
The game of choice was going to be Mirror’s Edge just because a developer from DICE responded to my tweet, but I didn’t get to PC Day. Six days of vacation but only four days of gaming? That’s just the way life works. I do finally feel relaxed and can’t wait until my next Staycation, but I’m ready to go back to work tomorrow. It’s only three days away from the weekend anyway.

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Cat wrote on 3rd September 2014 at 3:04 PM

Epic Yarn is one of my favorite games XD I actually like how Kirby games are simple for people who want to play it casually but also offer a challenge for those who are up to it. Kirby was originally created so players having a hard time can fly over the levels and move on. I feel like that’s similar to how you can’t die in Epic Yarn. I was super addicted to it though and ended up collecting every item and getting gold in every level.

I enjoyed Child of Light! It’s definitely a pretty game with a great soundtrack too.

I liked Bioshock too, which I feel like has a better story than most games. It’s very eerie yet sad at the same time to see an attempted utopia.

I actually didn’t like Mirror’s Edge very much. I felt like it was a great concept but poor execution. I liked the timed trials more than the story (but unfortunately had to do the story to get more trials).


Amanda wrote on 11th September 2014 at 1:28 AM

I’m primarily a PC gamer so I haven’t gotten to play any of the games you talked about (even Bioshock, I know ;-;), but I looked them up and they do seem quite interesting! I think you had a good selection of games for your vacation.

4 out of 6 days of gaming is a lot already. You definitely need rest time after playing games too!


Alice B wrote on 16th September 2014 at 12:11 PM

and OHMYGOD YOU’RE PLAYING CHILD OF LIGHT AAARRGHHH!! I need to start on that soon too *o*

GURL, I’M PLAYING POKEMON WHITE 2 RIGHT NOW TOO. WAAAAHHH!!! What is this coincidence *o* again I’m really sorry for the caps abuse :s I’m just really excited about video games ;w;
but wait… I didn’t know Gary’s in Pokemon White 2!? I haven’t got that far yet (I just beaten Clay recently and haven’t continued again) so it surprises me… IS HE IN ELITE FOUR OR WHAT?? 😮

Iris is definitely extremely annoying. another one that annoys me is probably that electric gym leader uh… Elysia or something? her emolga is really annoying x___x

I don’t usually play FPS too because I don’t enjoy call of duty and I’m bad at Battlefield. I played Point Blank in high school with a bunch of guy classmates but there was too much cheat involved so I stopped. then again I’m always a lover for RPG so FPS isn’t really my thing. But BIOSHOCK is definitely a must play~ I’m so happy you didn’t ditch it halfway ;w; trust me the trilogy is worth it haha

I’m putting Mirror’s edge on hold… the artwork is really cool but platform genre kind of confuse me and I don’t really have quick reflex so I get caught easily, the same for watchdogs LOL I’m bad at running away from foes~ (surprising how I finished assassin’s creed though, to be honest)


Liv Reply:

Gary is in the Pokemon World Tournament in Black2/White2, along with ALL the previous gym leaders and champions from ALL the previous games! The tournament is held in Clay’s city, and it will be available after you beat the game! AWESOME RIGHT?! Unfortunately you have to beat all the Unova leaders in a tournament first to unlock the other four gym leader tournaments, beat all four of them, THEN you have access to the Champions tournament where you have a chance to fight Gary (and Ash, Steven, etc). But the tournament is so hard that the only way you’ll get that far is with competitive-bred Pokemon, which I assume you won’t be able to have if you’re emulating the game. Which means you won’t be able to see Gary <3 but don't worry you aren't alone. I'm still sad about it.

I hate Elesa so much that I decided to gather all my level-70 Electric type Pokemon from all my different games into Pokemon X, and teach them Volt Switch, just so I can be as annoying as Elesa.

The only FPS games I have played so far are Bioshock, Bio Infinite, Halo 4, and most recently Destiny. I'm going to have to say I'm not crazy about the latter two, but both Bioshocks have been awesome even though I haven't gotten very far in them! I guess I do like some FPS's. It's more about the setting and story of the game than combat style. I guess I'm just not much of a space / sci-fi fan.


Alice B Reply:

wow, I get to fight Ash too! W O W. can i just throw a pokeball at him and be like, “why u have all the cool pokemon like HOW IS THAT FAIR” lol i’m obviously talking about anime!ash and his super lucky pokemon collection.

Boo sucks. so in the end, it means i won’t be able to fight Gary if I’m playing through emulator. wth -__-;;

LOL SMART. but eh I used electabuzz and i won because electabuzz is pretty awesome for an electric type in your party. in the first Black, there’s no elekid so i used mareep as my core electric type before changing to zebstrika, i think? I forgot. I didn’t finish my first B/W but i’m jumping to B/W2 already hehe

Ah, Destiny.. no access to that so x__x i envy you guys who get to try its beta. seeing how you have the console, you should try some cool ones like Infamous series and The Last of Us 😛 they’re not FPS but yeah they’re awesome. i think with Destiny, it’s the graphics that stand out; I’ve seen some people complaining that the world is too small or something? hm, I’m not sure. but yeah Bioshock trilogy have such smart plot, development and plot twist-wise. especially with Infinite where they claim that it’s a stand alone bioshock game but some people are connecting Infinite, its DLCs as the trigger for bioshock 1 to happen …. stuff like that. really fun theory.
I’m not a huge fan of FPS, like COD or BF…nah, plus they have tons of cheats – especially those like CS or Point Blank but if the game has really nice plot, I’m in. the same with stealth games haha I’m not good at them but I play for the sake of ending and story. I was about to recommend deus ex and dead space for you until I read that you’re not a fan of space/scifi haha TTwTT


C wrote on 9th October 2014 at 1:05 AM

Oh gosh, I’m actually quite envious of all your game console choices! I’ve been playing games on my DSi since that’s all I got. I did own a Nintendo 64, but I gave that to my sister who lives in SB to play with her friends. Scribblenauts is killing me.


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