AgithaHime Diaries: The NYU Incubator

This summer I hung around the NYU Game Center on Thursday afternoons to playtest the Incubator games. The Incubator was a summer program that sponsored teams of developers to work 40 hours a week in order to be able to sell their games after the program was over. I wish I could have spent more time in the Game Center since I had all that free time, but my summer was really difficult for personal reasons and I wasn’t able to do so. However, I did get to know some of the developers better, and I was able to play their nearly-completed games when they showcased their work back in early September!


Beglitched, Mac & PC (Coming soon to Steam!)

Beglitched. This adorable game is made by my friend Jenny who is not only my sister in Christ but also a creative girl who plays and makes all sorts of games. I’ve been playing her little games ever since I started graduate school and they’ve only gotten cuter and cuter. Beglitched is a game about hacking networks. You are a computer user accessing a network that has a hacker running through it, and you play Minesweeper-like battles to defeat the enemies, which come in little animal forms such as duckies and elephants …!


Ape Out, Mac & PC (Coming soon!)

Ape Out. This game is built by a friend as well! I met him early in the year during playtesting and saw him a few more times during the summer. Fun fact, he is the former resident of my current apartment and I didn’t know until I started getting his mail! HAHA anyways, his game is top-down and about a gorilla trying to escape out of jail through a maze. There are guards everywhere you have to kill before they kill you. The game is insanely hard, since you are a gorilla who can only do close combat while your guards are humans with guns.


Awkward Date, Mac & PC (Coming soon!)

Awkward Date. I met these developers through Jenny who recommended me as a designer for them. While I got to work on their logo, they gave me a build to play with. Too bad it’s a two-player platformers. Each player controls one of the guys who are on an awkward date. They both must go through the level and not be too far away OR too close to each other to reach the end destination, which is their date location. Hehe. If you’re bad at Mario or Donkey Kong like me, this game is almost impossible!


Peter Panic!, Mac & PC (Coming soon!)

Peter Panic!. The first time I played this game was at the Incubator Show. It’s about a little boy who wants to bring theater to his town, and the story is told through people singing in opera style. In order to achieve his task he must raise money through little mini games similar to Dumb Ways to Die where you have to complete tasks in a set timeframe to complete the mini game. Each building on the map has a mini-game and by completing them you unlock more.


Badblood, Mac & PC ($7.99)

Badblood. This game I also played for the first time at the Incubator Show. It’s a two-player assassination where both players are looking at the same field in different perspectives and must go through it searching for each other to go for the fastest kill. When you approach your opponent you begin to see his shadow and then get a chance to swipe at him. I’m still not sure what the strategy is but IT IS OUT ON STEAM!


Circa Infinity, Win & PC ($9.99)

Circa Infinity. THIS GAME IS OUT ON STEAM TOO! Really simple platformer, and also the developer told me it was created in Game Maker rather than some fancy game programming software like Unity or Unreal. Don’t get too dizzy because you have to walk around on concentric circles finding an opening to get into the inner circle and so on, while encountering enemies on the way so you have to time your jumps to the a safer part of the circle. When there are too many enemies it does get tricky to find that slight opening!


Ninja Tag, Mac & PC (Coming soon to Steam!)

Ninja Tag. This is a four-player battle where each player is in control of a ninja. The objective is to grab the sword in the middle to assassinate your three opponents. If you don’t get the sword first, you grab a crossbow and attempt to temporarily kill the one with the sword as well as the others to stop them from getting the sword. Crossbow kills regenerate the player to the starting point, but sword kills are permanent and last man standing wins!


Sumer, Mac & PC (Coming Soon to Steam!).

Sumer. If you like Settlers of Catan, you’ll love this! It’s almost the same thing in digital form! Four players make resources by placing their workers into parts of the ziggurat then offer them to the Sumerian gods. The objective is to make the right type of resource and some resources require previous ones to make. Spots to make resources are limited so the game is also about speed which makes it different from board game turns. I played it once and won, but have no idea how!

Do you want to play any of these games?!

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4 Comments to "AgithaHime Diaries: The NYU Incubator"

Kristine wrote on 14th December 2015 at 12:00 PM

AHH Beglitched looks so cute and adorable!! I would totally play it. 😀


Cat wrote on 16th December 2015 at 1:16 AM

The Incubator program sounds really cool! I’m amazed at what everyone created. Beglitched looks really cute, and I like the idea of Awkward Date. Both my husband and I love platformers 🙂 Ninja Tag looks like a fun multiplayer game!


Alice wrote on 21st December 2015 at 8:02 AM

ah, interesting minigames! (i have a habit of calling games like this as minigames, please don’t judge me)
it’s so nice to be able to hang out and meet other fellow gamers 🙁
i don’t have a lot of gamer nerds to hang out with in real life, even girls. the closest one i have is a dude but whatever, we get along super nice anyway.

badblood is really interesting. it’s like a “first come first serve” kind of rule. it’s probably the most that i’m interested out of the others.


Hiro wrote on 22nd December 2015 at 10:19 AM

Wow! I had no idea NYU had game incubator sessions! That’s so cool. I wonder how well they’re all doing- if nothing else, they have a solid item to pad their experience and resume!
My best friend took part in game-a-thons for a few years, and she always says they are super fun (I’m neither a game-maker nor a game-player, so I’ve never personally taken part). (My boyfriend loves settlers, so I’m going to send the link to the last game to him… Haha.)


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