AgithaHime Diaries: Gardeners Rise Up

Since it’s deadlines season, I was forced to put my four-month Pokemon journey on hold and switch to my phone, so I downloaded Plants VS. Zombies 2. It’s been very helpful when I’m waiting for the usual bad train service or stopping at every floor in the elevator. I’m starting to think if video games could be played on phones then none of us would have so much backlog. I’ve already beaten all 100 levels of the first four worlds of this game, and can’t wait until new worlds are released! (Apps are not video games, but they are definitely games and this is the first app game I have completed to 100%.)

I’m not too familiar with the original Plants Vs. Zombies game but I did watch my cousin play it once. From what I remember, you play the entire game in your backyard, and the objective is to kill the zombies that want to attack your house. In Plants Vs. Zombies 2 however, there are four worlds you can travel to. I love how they are so uniquely designed and accompanied by very appropriate music. There are also a variety of different plants suitable for each world. The best part is that each world has unique zombies designed to fit in “culturally.”

In Pirate Seas, the zombies wear bandanas and pirate hats.

In Wild West, the zombies are cowboys.

In Far Future, the zombies will attack you with a lot of high-tech machines.

I purposely left out the world Ancient Egypt because it is like the Water Temple of Plants Vs. Zombies. The zombies are almost impossible to kill, and there are more zombies to serve the purpose of annoying you than attacking you. Ironically being the first world out of the current four, it’s the hardest to complete.

What is most addicting about this game is the farm Zen Garden where you can grow your own plants to use as power ups. Then you can return to a level that was kind of hard and annilate those annoying zombies! The plants do need to be taken care of though. They have to be watered twice and pollinated a few times, along with several hours of waiting. I find myself occasionally checking up on my plants. Oh boy, this is like owning a farm.

Growing my plants.

As you can see I have too many sprouts and too little pots to plant them. It takes 30 gems to unlock each extra pots, and I’ve collected my entire playthrough for those 27. As always an annoying thing with all free games, you don’t have enough resources to play to your heart’s content.

But this game will do until I can freely play Child of Light without feeling guilty that there’s something more important that should be done.

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3 Comments to "AgithaHime Diaries: Gardeners Rise Up"

Cat wrote on 8th May 2014 at 2:27 PM

I’ve never played Farmville, but I’ve been super addicted to Harvest Moon before so I understand the feeling, haha. I carry my 3DS in my purse all the time to Streetpass and also to play games when I have to wait on something.

I haven’t played the Plants vs Zombies series since I don’t play tower defense that often. It looks cute and fun though!

I hope you’ll be able to play Child of Light soon. I’ve been loving it 🙂


Jessica wrote on 9th May 2014 at 9:25 PM

I’ve played the first Plants vs Zombies, and parts of the second one. It’s on Facebook, but I tend to get bored with it….I hate waiting for things to be done. 😛


Kerry wrote on 14th May 2014 at 7:31 AM

My brother used to play Plants vs Zombies (I’m not sure if he still does) and I never really got it. My weakness is Pet Rescue Saga. I started playing Candy Crush one day on Facebook when I was bored and then my friend told me that, when he’s waiting for lives on Candy Crush, he plays Pet Rescue to pass the time. (He’s a slight addict.) I downloaded Pet Rescue that day and now I can’t stop with it. When I’ve got nothing to do, I’ll play it. When I’m bored at work because I’ve got no customers in, I whip my phone out. It’s probably not good, but I can’t help it.


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