AgithaHime Diaries: 4 Weeks of Extra Life

On October 26th, people around the world took part in a play for 24 hours event to raise money for children’s hospitals. You were allowed to play any games you want including Farmville so the event was open to anybody who wanted to donate, not just gamers. You could create a personal page on Extra Life’s website and get your friends to help you raise money, or if like me, you are uncomfortable asking people to donate, you can just donate to Extra Life itself.

Luckily Extra Life 2014 is still taking donations until the end of the year, because it took me the last four weeks to complete my 24 hours. I played every free moment I had and finally made it, even if the hype is now four weeks old. The important thing is that hospitalized children are going to receive my money. Before I started, I said I was going to donate $5 for every game I play, because I often like to put down a game if it’s too troublesome and come back to it later. However in my 24-hours I only ended up playing four games.

1 Hour: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (Wii U)A group of Arctic animals dressed in Viking gear freezes over the tropical Donkey Kong Island and blows away the Kong family with their harsh winds. The Kong family must make their way through a series of islands to get back to their home. The game is probably meant to be multiplayer, but in single player you can carry one of the Kongs on Donkey Kong’s back, and each of them have their own special ability to aid him.

I wanted to play a Donkey Kong game for a while now because it looked like a more interesting platformer than Mario and Kirby, and this one definitely is just based on the amount of effort that went into the design of each island (presented as a World). But it is about 10x harder, and Mario/Kirby is already hard enough. Each level is designed with intricate detail and the smallest attention deficiency can lead to Donkey Kong’s literal downfall. I had already progressed through World-1 and most of World-2, so for Extra Life 2014 I was ready to tackle end of World-2. I had 50+ lives collected but the last level and the boss level took them all, and I didn’t even defeat the boss. Well there’s always next time …

2.5 Hours: Bastion (PC, Xbox Arcade, Android, iPhone/iPad)Out of all the indie I played this year, Bastion is my favorite. It has a beautiful art style (hand-painted by just one person) and has a unique progression style. You play as a kid called The Kid, one of the only survivors of a catastrophic event that destroyed his world, and now must rebuild a sanctuary called The Bastion. The Kid must go through of the old world to scour for the items he needs, and of course it’s easier said than done when Scumbags are everywhere. There’s an enemy actually called a Scumbag. I love the ironic originality of this game.

What’s also interesting about the gameplay is that when The Kid moves, his path is pieced together like a puzzle (so it is easy to fall off the edge into oblivion). All of The Kid’s actions are narrated by a creepy voice, which one time made fun of me for running out of health tonics.

20 Hours: The Wind Waker HD (Wii U)The bulk of my Extra Life 2014 was the remake of Wind Waker, because I wanted to get at least one game off my backlog. I think I’ve played the original too many times to let any of the enemies intimidate me, but I didn’t really feel Nintendo purposely made the game easier. They just fixed up things fans used to complain about, such as taking too long to sail across the ocean, or paying over 3000 rupees for Peter Pan to decipher charts.

The most important change in this HD remake is the addition of social media. You can take selfies in-game and send them as SOS bottles across the ocean, which will post them to Miiverse and send them out to other players to find. You can ask the entire community for help with these bottles, and you can also send photos of different characters/enemies/bosses to collect figurines for Link’s gallery. I think most of my time in the game was spent collecting those figures. It’s a shame I only started collecting them during these 20 hours, when I was more than halfway through the game and had missed some important figures.

.5 Hour: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)When I heard that Link was going to join Mario Kart in a DLC, I nearly flipped. At first I wanted to restrain myself from spending money on stuff like this, but gave in because the DLC is so worth the money. You not only get Link as a playable character, you get a motorcycle based on his horse Epona, as well as a race course set in Hyrule with the Mario coins replaced by rupees and Piranha Plants replaced by Deku Babas. Oh yeah and you also get five other characters, seven other vehicles, and seven other race courses.

I don’t feel $20 is a worthy amount to donate to Extra Life, so I haven’t actually donated yet. I’m considering to donate some of my unplayed games instead because they are worth more than that, but since the last charity I donated to didn’t seem to appreciate it, I need to find a new one. Does anyone know a good place to donate? I generally support hospitals for a personal reason but I am also willing to support underpriviledged children.

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Cat wrote on 17th November 2014 at 1:21 AM

Congrats on finishing your 24 hours!

I have friends that worked on Tropical Freeze! (Retro is based in Austin.) The two recent DKC games don’t actually work very well in multiplayer. It was pretty frustrating when my husband and I tried together, so we stuck to playing them as single player games. I agree that it’s really hard though! I got 100% on my file, but several levels, especially the temples unlocked with the KONG letters, took me many tries.

Yay for Bastion ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s still one of my favorite games. They used to make a Scumbag plushie! I bought one from their PAX booth one year, and it’s really cute. I wish they still had it in their store.

I’ve been playing Wind Waker HD recently too. I started it before leaving for Japan and am getting back into it again. The remake is so pretty ๐Ÿ˜€ Wind Waker is one of my favorite games as well.

I’ve been donating to Child’s Play for many years, and they work with children’s hospitals. I’ve been buying things on the Amazon wishlists the hospitals have though. Maybe you can see if a participating hospital near you is looking for the games that you have? I think every little bit helps though! Even $20 can get them something they need!


AnneMarie wrote on 17th November 2014 at 4:33 PM

This is impressive! Playing for 24 hours just seems impossible to me at this point in my life. There was once a time when I’d play video games for 5 hours at a time or more but I just have so many other commitments now that I can’t allow myself to do that.

But it’s great that the time leads to money for children’s hospitals! Congrats on finishing! I hope you were able to raise a lot of money too!

And I’m glad to hear you’re excited for my new Senior Secrets series! Series are difficult (I have like 2-3 that I haven’t posted for in a long time). But I keep them up because when I graduate, I am hoping to have more time to dedicate to my blog (maybe).

I’m assuming you’ve already graduated? I’d love to hear any idea you have for the series though! Feel free to e-mail me your thoughts; I’d really appreciate it (:


Delphine wrote on 22nd November 2014 at 10:51 PM

I didn’t know that you could fundraise by playing video games! That’s a really cool concept though /o\ *adding to bookmarks* Fundraising reminds me of my middle school days when we had a sort of marathon organized by Action Against Hunger every year, we had to find sponsors who would be willing to donate some money for each lap we’d run! We were allowed to run a maximum of 10 laps.

Congratulations on finishing this!


Alice B wrote on 9th December 2014 at 9:57 AM

AAAAAAHHH BASTIONNNN! You didn’t tell me you played bastion! …..I don’t play it BUUUUT I play Transistor hehe which is made by the same company as Bastion. I really like how they design their gameplay. when i first played transistor, it was a unique experience to me; felt like a side scroll game but not exactly side scroll. and the graphics *o* i love em! (they make perfect edits for tumblr posts LOL)

ugh, i wish there’s something like that in here. the event, i mean. i’d play CoD for 24 hours and i wouldn’t mind! (funny because it’s not like i’m a huuuuge CoD fan but it’s fun nonetheless — just because i suck at Battlefield).

you know, honestly, i’m amazed at people who can enjoy playing wii. i tried my cousin’s wii once and it wasn’t even something adventurous like donkey kong, i think it was just that odd wii sports game and i couldn’t handle it at all. i was pissed at the remote. it’s like, “yo i hit the tennis ball THIS WAY but it went THAT WAY what the heck” so yeah, i can’t stand wii. my cousin said it’s obvious i wouldn’t like it (that maybe i’d hate it, even. whoah) because apparently she said i “play too many extreme crap like shooting down zombie butts and throwing nuclear bombs to other military soldiers that you can’t deal with the casual cozy laidback ones like wii” ……whut. okay fine whatever LOL

“Thereโ€™s an enemy actually called a Scumbag” – i’m sorry i laughed.

….dude, why are Link’s eyes so wide o__o or have they always been that way?? or–?? i remember handsome Link?? i suppose this was when he’s still a kid?

i hate how gaming companies use DLCs to take advantage of our fund. it’s just like how EA does it with their sims 4: “buy DLC for $99 and get your sims pool~” ….F R A U D. lol and yea, some of us will succumb to temptation and end up paying them for it. sucks. what a nice marketing strategy.


Liv Reply:

If you love Transistor’s gameplay then I think you’d love Bastion!

I think you can do the charity event no matter where you live. You just donate the money to Extra Life. There’s still 20 days left in the year to donate.

I really hate the Wii Sports series. It’s just dumb. It’s trying to simulate an actual sport … for no reason. If you play games like Zelda Twilight Princess you can use the Wii remote as a normal controller, except you just shake it to make Link swing his sword. Doesn’t matter how you shake, unlike the damn Wii tennis game.

There are lots of different Links of different ages! You’re thinking of 17-year-old Link, who only appears in 3 games out of the 15+ games in the series. These wide eyes belong to Toon Link who is a 12-year-old version who appears in a lot more games. I dig the handsome version. Apparently Nintendo does too because that’s the version they use when they promote him in another series (like Super Smash or Soul Calibur).


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