Heya I’m Olivia! I write Liv when I comment on your posts, but offline only my high school crew calls me Liv because they are used to it from the days when I didn’t like my four-syllable name.

May 2016 in Saranac Lake, New York (changing my photo after 3 years!).

I am a designer and Wordpress developer in Manhattan’s Financial District. I studied advertising in art school and the best thing it taught me was how to use my education, rather than let education use me. Now I am going for a Master of Science in New York University, focusing on video games!

My hobbies once were taking photos, illustration, and playing the piano. When I was 20 (two weeks before the above photo was taken actually), I had a mini-stroke, which is a temporary stroke-like condition. I wasn’t permanently hurt but for a long time it was hard to hold a pencil, let alone a camera and two-hand coordination was tough when my right arm couldn’t keep up. I had to give up a lot my hobbies and turned to video games to fill my free time because they excitement and repetitive movement didn’t tire my arm out, but made it stronger! After 300 hours of Pokemon X my arm was on the way to healing and is much better today.

I’ve played Super Smash Bros for most of my childhood with friendies and have been a Zelda fangirl since 2004, but it was through this incident that I began to see the ability of video games to heal and started trying all games. It’s been a great hobby! I think I am naturally drawn to them because my mom was a hardcore Duck Hunter before I was born and the sound of retro game music comforts me.

Details about Ethetica.net

I bought this domain from Namecheap. The name Ethetica began with the coronation of of my first laptop, a 13-inch MacBook Pro given to me as a college present in 2010. It is an original word that doesn’t mean anything nor is going to mean anything, but I grew to love the sound! Every computer and phone I’ve owned since them has been named Ethetica II, Ethetica III, etc. I’m currently on Ethetica VI the Macbook Pro Retina and Ethetica VII the iPhone 6S+! I started this blog on March 9th, 2011 (not counting the Blogger/Livejournal versions) and I’m so proud that it’s lasted more than a month!

This blog forever will be run on WordPress. I was hosted by my friend Megori at Tetsunosuke for over three years but now I have moved to A Small Orange.

Ethetica.net © Olivia Hu, 2011 - 2015. Proud Presser and Clementine.