A Post Dedicated to my Phones

I’ve never once written about my phone on my blog in a day and age when most of us are glued to our phones. So here’s a post about my phones in detail!

My first phone was at the age of 13 when I moved to New York. I never had the “in” phones of the day like Sidekicks and Razrs because we were poor and got free flippies from AT&T. By the time the first iPhone was released towards the end of high school, my parents got them and I got one of those phones that slides to reveal the number pad. When college rolled around and texting became more necessary, my mom gave me her iPhone. But I did not get my first real phone until sophomore year. That was the HTC Vivid on Android which I did write about over 4 years ago here. I remember I really liked the customization and vowed to never switch back to Apple. Ha.

It started giving me problems less than two years later in 2013 with the battery and data plan. I also was on a 200 text messages per month plan, so I felt crippled that I couldn’t reply to messages and had to tell people to email me. We switched over to unlimited texting with Verizon then and I also got the iPhone 5S. My first luxury phone and it was just released too! I had that for two more years until last November when I started this post because I got the iPhone 6S+.

At first I didn’t want to get the 6+ because some of my friends had it and it was gigantic. But I really liked its shape with the rounder corners and thinner depth and gave in.

Here’s the two iPhone bros side by side.

It’s huge!

The feature I was most looking forward to was the really amazing camera that supposedly surpasses an average camera. I haven’t held a camera other than my DSLR since I got that so I can’t judge, but the camera is definitely much better quality! Everyone with an iPhone 6S+ tends to become the designated selfie taker. The only problem is that my phone is too big for my friends’ selfie sticks.

iPhone 5s on left, iPhone 6s+ on right.

It was inevitable that owning an iPhone 6S+ comes with many first world problems, which include:

  • not being able to reach far enough for selfies and still be able to hold my phone
  • needing two hands to text
  • to play Plants VS Zombies 2
  • or do anything, since I am left-handed and the confirm buttons are on the right side
  • not being able to play with my phone in bed
  • viewing blurry screenshots from my friends

Of course I’m just messing, ha. I love my phone because it hurts my eyes so much less and it’s a great investment! I wanted the rose gold but there were no more and settled for just gold. It’s okay though because of my phone case!

I adored the NES Controller case on my iPhone 5S and it was hard to let it go, but to keep up with the theme, I went for Gameboy this time! I love the color so much and the feel of the rubber is lovely. It’s also so great on an iPhone 6S+ because of how big it is that it looks like I’m just holding a giant Gameboy all the time. Also, Gameboy cases get a lot of attention: your friends will wanna pretend play with them or some stranger will wanna speak to you. Just a heads up if you were thinking of getting one.

Behold my case tradition!

The best attention I’ve gotten for my phone case though, was from Masayuki Uemura, the inventor of the NES himself!!! He visited the NYU Game Center last October for a talk about his invention and work. I missed the talk because I was in class, but on my way out he came out of a room. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took a lot of courage but I asked his interpreter if I could take a photo with the man. He said yes and told Masayuki Uemura, who spotted my case and started laughing. Too bad I couldn’t understand what he said, but the sweet old guy let me take a photo with him holding my phone. Best $15 I ever spent (the phone case).

The old guy is so sweet.

I don’t know if I’ll have more exciting encounters at the NYU Game Center than Dylan Sprouse teaching me how to improve my game and Masayuki Uemura holding my phone, but I have my fingers crossed for this upcoming year.

Lastly, here is the lock screen and home screen on my phone right now. I got the cute illustrations from Poolga, which has lots of pairs of illustrations just for this purpose! Have fun!

My lockscreen transition to homescreen.

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