How to Handle a Costly Hobby

While it’s socially acceptable to spend $10 per drink several nights a week, spending less than one night’s worth of drinks on a game sadly isn’t.

Before graduation and becoming an adult who earns and manages my own indulgences, I owned 41 games, and now eight months later according to Backloggery, I have a shocking 115. Somehow I purchased 74 games in less than a year, nearly twice as many as the number of games I …

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10 Things Wrong with Naruto’s Epilogue

There are some days when I consider it 8 years my life wasted, but that’s just not fair to the series. Almost everything about Naruto was amazing in its own way (i.e. reanimating a dead ninja army was dumb, but we got to see Minato!) up to the real ending *SPOILERS STARTING NOW* where Kakashi became Hokage to lead the rebuilding of society, Sasuke actually flirted with a girl and became a nomad, and Naruto gave back Sasuke’s headband that he kept all these …

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Being Thankful

It’s that day of the year when we write about what we are thankful for! I can make a traditional list, but I will take this entry to explain why it’s important to even be thankful for things that don’t turn out to be something that seems thankful. If you are thinking “this girl is crazy” please keep reading; this post is for you.

First, here is a Thanksgiving card for everybody because I am so …

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Foreground Music

Video game music is my favorite music genre. They are composed as background accompaniment and often forgotten by the less hardcore fans. This is a special category of my blog dedicated to bring them into the foreground for more people to appreciate. View All Posts →

09 Dec 2014 - Pokemon ORAS

I don’t even know how to feel about this. It’s a beautiful, beautiful piece, but it doesn’t exactly suit the situation nor the character it’s composed for. But still a beautiful, beautiful piece, just as good as the themes for N or AZ. In fact it could be perfect for either of them. That’s probably how Gamefreak wanted us to feel. It just shows how Zinnia had to go undercover to fulfill her purpose.

26 Nov 2014 - Super Smash Bros

I love it when Nintendo uses Smash as a chance to remix their own soundtracks (not saying fan remixes aren’t great). This track is essentially a remix of N’s Castle, but it is wonderful how they started off with the creepy music box of N’s Room. I was afraid it would be 3DS version only, so I’m so glad it’s available as a foreground music selection in the Wii U version!

Now if I can figure out how to set it as the only track to play in the Pokemon stages, that would be great. I used to do that for Zelda tracks on the Zelda stages in Brawl.