70+ hours on Skyward Sword OR a 16-hour drama?

I watched a drama recently and it is the third one I’ve finished in four years. The reason I sat through this is the same as my first one: Lee Hongki (my favorite rock singer) is in it.

The rest of this post contains spoilers! ^/_\^

Drama Info: Hongki is the heir of Korea’s biggest conglomerate. His family is cursed to have each heir’s first wife be sacrificed to a ghost spirit. Mila (renamed for English) is the daughter of a company [...]


Fletchling Gamer

I took this quiz today. It asks you to check off every game you’ve played on the list, and in the end gives you a gamer level. The list begins with some very old-school games I’ve played, such as Duck Hunt, and gradually progresses through the years until the end with indie games and app “games.” In total I got a score of 14 out of 111, and the gamer level of NOOB because “gaming isn’t my thing,” as it [...]

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