It’s been two weeks since I left my job as a WordPress developer. When people ask me why, I have to tell them “to play video games”. Everyone’s reaction is funny because I sound like a complete bum. I’m at a point my life where playing video games is my homework, and having a job in addition to serving on campus fellowship and working on my thesis leaves me with little time to do homework. I have six months to defend my thesis if I want to get my Master’s degree this year, …

If there was somewhere I want to be right now, it would be back at the camp I wrote about in my last post, at the dock by the lake. Only in that quiet, that peace, would I be able to deeply cry and mourn with the lost and hurt of the Orlando shooting.

Photo from Unsplashed.

“We need to just accept gay people.” That’s something I heard as far back as I can remember. But what actually is acceptance?

I always thought I was “so accepting” of people who are LGBTQ. …

Camp Basileia

It’s almost summer! I wanted to write again earlier, but immediately after my finals ended and before returning to work this week, I attended a weeklong retreat at a camp six hours north of home. This is my first time ever being outdoors, and the first time in the last ten years I’ve visited a place that’s not a city. This must be what the world looks like!

The camp is located at Saranac Lake, which has a beautiful beach, calm waters, and air so fresh that you can see all the stars at night. I don’t think I’ve ever … © Olivia Hu, 2011 - 2015. Proud Presser and Clementine.