Operation Christmas Child

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays because of the amount of warmth in terms of both family and calories. I especially like how this holiday is rooted religiously but has become secular and accepted by everybody! It just shows every person regardless of personal faith is capable of accepting mercy and thanks and loveee.

This past Sunday my friend made me aware of a project from Samaritan’s Purse called Operation Christmas Child, where you pack gifties for children in a shoebox. These shoeboxes will be distributed …


This post continues my last one about abusive relationships. Feel free to read it for some context for this one.

While I was in that abusive relationship, I was pressured into the mentality that if a friend can’t deliver a request of mine, that friend is not worth having because he/she obviously doesn’t give a damn about me or is doing it purposefully to spite me out of jealousy or some other thingamajig. One time I shared a story about how a friend was moving and asked a bunch of people to help her because …


If you don’t have an ad blocker on Youtube, you might have been hit with this campaign recently. It shows a progression of how a simple statement like “I love you” can escalate to manipulation and control in any kind of relationship. People are extremely vulnerable to the word love because it’s so strong, and we would do anything to receive it. We literally have a thirst for love.

The #thatsnotlove campaign calls us to write control statements on social media to raise awareness about the abuse of love.

As someone who’s been in an abusive relationship for …

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