I’m going back to New York tomorrow night! Of course I’m not actually going home, I’m just returning for one week to attend my two graduation ceremonies so I can wear those purple NYU robes, and also see my parents. But no doubt I’ll have a lot of questions from my friends about how life has been, and I’ll want to share with them the 5 things I learned in my two months out here.

#1. How to Enjoy a Calmer Life

Not my street, but this is my neighborhood by the sea

After living in …

#takingoverasia: Beijing

And here we have it, the last #TakingOverAsia post … for now! I spent the end of my sabbatical vacation in China because it’s so much effort to fly around the world and much easier flying from Singapore. My parents took care of the Visa paperwork for me because China makes me do this every time I want to visit. That’s probably why I hadn’t seen my grandparents in almost four years. The best part was that I could make it to Beijing in time to celebrate Chinese New Year with them! I’ve …

#takingoverasia: Melaka

It’s the end of April and I’m writing about my weekend trip to Melaka, Malaysia in January. I wasn’t done with my #TakingOverAsia series! There’s still one more after this, if I can fit it somewhere between two other posts about San Francisco. Obviously so much has been going on with my move to a brand new city. My goal is to get these posts up before I go back to New York in May to party for my Master’s graduation. 🙂

On January 15th, I woke up and went to volunteer at an …

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