I wonder how big of a fan he was.

We’ve lost way too many people in 2014. Recently we lost Robin Williams, who I’m sure everybody knows about more than I do. As self-proclaimed Miss Always-Late-to-the-Party, I don’t even think I’ve watched the entire movie of Aladdin, at least not enough to remember what the plot was.

But one thing I have known is that Robin Williams was big enough of a fan of Zelda to name his daughter after [...]

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I might never be able to play my favorite game again.

I’m sure everyone knows the details of flight MH17 – it has been on TV every day at work and everywhere online – so there’s no need to summarize the horrific event here. I’ll get back to that though.

One of my favorite games is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I played it in the summer of 2012 and it was the best summer of my recent years. It’s also [...]


Stranded on an Island

When I was younger, I thought $49 for a game was outrageous. But if you think about it, $49 for at least 30 hours (sometimes up to 100!) of fun repeated for life is a pretty good deal. What’s NOT a good deal? Paying $243 per month for the train.

I think I’m probably famous among my internet friends for my truly outrageous train ticket price to the heart of NYC [...]