Adulthood, phase two.

When we're children, everything seems like a huge deal despite what our parents tell us, and then we reach an age when we don't take trivial things so seriously anymore. In my later teen years I went through a phase when I liked saying a lot of crap because nothing… Read More →

Happy Productivity

I am giving in to making a list of goals for the year, so here goes!

Organize my blog better as a designer as well as a developer. I had already converted my playlist to custom posts, and today I converted my music category as well. Doing so has allowed me to de-clutter my archives page, and now it’s no longer necessary to hide the audio post format from my homepage and RSS feed. Next is cleaning up my stylesheet, and I also want to redesign my posts so they will …

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Happy Quiet Holidays

I’m a little bit late as well as early, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My holidays are usually not very different from the everyday, except I catch up with a few friends I don’t often see and watch a little more TV than usual. I don’t have relatives to visit so naturally I don’t need to buy presents nor do I receive them, except from my mom. I got my Christmas present early this year – my mom told me to go out and buy Super Smash Bros for Wii U and …

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