Four Weeks of Extra Life 2014

On October 26th, people around the world took part in a play for 24 hours event to raise money for children’s hospitals. You were allowed to play any games you want including Farmville so the event was open to anybody who wanted to donate, not just gamers. You could create a personal page on Extra Life’s website and get your friends to help you raise money, or if like me, you are uncomfortable asking people …

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The Name’s Kushina

I don’t usually judge things by its cover, but when it comes to this blog, I’m insanely picky. The old theme bothered me so much I avoided blogging for two months until I had time to create a new one. I had already completed the design of this new theme back in July, but it took three months to kick into development mode, and one month worth of redesigning via code for it to pass …

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Backlog Week

For the first time since graduating, I’ve taken some days off work to enjoy the last days of summer over the long weekend, and what does that mean? Shameless gaming without another care in the world. My plan was to play a different game on a different console/platform every day. Here’s how that went:

Note: I never had a DS so I counted a DS game as 3DS, but since I used to play on my …

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Foreground Music

Video game music is my favorite music genre. They are composed as background accompaniment and often forgotten by the less hardcore fans. This is a special category of my blog dedicated to bring them into the foreground for more people to appreciate. View All Posts →

02 Sep 2014 - Child of Light

I’m an idiot who kept looking for the music in the end of the prologue. I searched every combination of “Child of Light” “intro” and “prologue” I could think of. I didn’t bother listening to the entire soundtrack because I didn’t want the music “spoiled.” But now that I’m almost done with the game I’ve finally found the track. It was in the end of the soundtrack the whole time.

That aside, this is unsurprisingly stunning and tragic. I can picture Aurora walking down a grand hall towards a large mirror of truth.

19 Jul 2014 - Ocarina of Time ZREO

I’ve only just started to listen to ZReO (Zelda Reorchestrated), and only wish I had started sooner! Most of its pieces are beautiful but I must give the first prize to this one. It’s the most successful one I’ve heard so far because it captures the essentials in the original theme and adds the tone of nostalgia with cruelty of time to it, reflecting the game as a whole.