Backlog Week

For the first time since graduating, I’ve taken some days off work to enjoy the last days of summer over the long weekend, and what does that mean? Shameless gaming without another care in the world. My plan was to play a different game on a different console/platform every day. Here’s how that went:

Note: I never had a DS so I counted a DS game as 3DS, but since I [...]


I wonder how big of a fan he was.

We’ve lost way too many people in 2014. Recently we lost Robin Williams, who I’m sure everybody knows about more than I do. As self-proclaimed Miss Always-Late-to-the-Party, I don’t even think I’ve watched the entire movie of Aladdin, at least not enough to remember what the plot was.

But one thing I have known is that Robin Williams was big enough of a fan of Zelda to name his daughter after [...]


Stranded on an Island

When I was younger, I thought $49 for a game was outrageous. But if you think about it, $49 for at least 30 hours (sometimes up to 100!) of fun repeated for life is a pretty good deal. What’s NOT a good deal? Paying $243 per month for the train.

I think I’m probably famous among my internet friends for my truly outrageous train ticket price to the heart of NYC [...]