Stranded on an Island

When I was younger, I thought $49 for a game was outrageous. But if you think about it, $49 for at least 30 hours (sometimes up to 100!) of fun repeated for life is a pretty good deal. What’s NOT a good deal? Paying $243 per month for the train.

I think I’m probably famous among my internet friends for my truly outrageous train ticket price to the heart of NYC [...]


8 Years Late to the Party

Instead of enjoying summer like my dad insisted, these photos will better explain why I choose to work an extra 8-10 hours per week outside my full-time job.

After accessing my income for the month of June, I decided to invest half the extra pocket money I saved and finally be the owner of an Xbox 360. I might be 8 years late and 10 years older than everyone else, but [...]

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I’m finally helping sick children.

I’ve been waiting for this day, ah.

The background story is that when I was 13, I wanted to become pediatric oncologist. Why so morbid, you ask? I was addicted to a series written by a lady whose son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Her purpose in becoming an author was sharing all the horrors of terminal illnesses with teen readers. It made me want to spend my life trying to [...]